Fudging Hell

Hi! I'm Chelsea Morley, the person behind Fudging Hell. Originally a hairdresser I live in a small village, Harwell with my husband & two sons.

As soon as lockdown was implemented in March my business had to close immediately for the foreseeable future.

I’m not one for sitting around doing nothing so we created a daily routine of learning and activities for all the family to participate in. On one of the days after lots of baking I decided to make some fudge, The fudge went really well and I decided to make a few more batches for family and close friends.


Everybody who tried it loved it and it was suggested that maybe I should post some pictures on Instagram, Then I created an account for it. The interest in the fudge escalated friends of friends were now asking me to make some, people were asking me to make up boxes as gifts. I went on to create a Facebook page and

now a website!


I’m so pleased with how Fudging Hell has grown in such a short space of time it has been amazing. I love the happiness that the gifts are bringing to people at this unprecedented time.I’m so glad I decided to try something new and built a career out of it!